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Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer Screenings

The initial approach to a skin problem and skin cancer diagnosis requires a detailed history of the current skin complaint and a complete skin examination. Skin cancer is actually one of the easiest cancers to find. That is because skin cancer usually begins where you can see it. Fortunately, most skin cancers, if caught early enough, are easily treatable. The visual inspection should always be performed in good light.

Oftentimes, your board-certified dermatologist will use an instrument called a dermatoscope to take an even closer look at spots of concern. A dermatoscope is a specialized type of magnifier that allows for visualization of deeper skin structures as well as superficial skin. What does this mean? The diagnostic accuracy for melanoma is better than those who do not have specialized training. This results in less biopsies and unnecessary scars plus less chance of something worrisome being missed. Additionally, at Phoenix Surgical Dermatology Group, we can even compare high-definition photos of suspicious spots over time to evaluate for change.

At Phoenix Surgical Dermatology Group, your screening will only be done by a board-certified dermatologist with the highest level of training who is dedicated to providing world-class care in a compassionate and friendly manner.

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