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Leading Dermatologist’s Skincare Regimen

Posted on: July 27th, 2020 by Dr. Ramin Fathi

Board-certified and fellowship-trained dermatologist Dr. Ramin Fathi is widely regarded as one of the leading dermatologists in Phoenix, AZ. Led by Dr. Fathi, Phoenix Surgical Dermatology Group has helped countless patients with their skincare needs. From medical dermatology conditions to cosmetic dermatology concerns, there’s little Dr. Fathi and the team at Phoenix Surgical Dermatology Group can’t help resolve. So, who better to ask about the ideal skincare regime? Stop trying department store skincare products with little results. Ditch the Pinterest at home facial masks. In this Question & Answer Interview we discuss with Dr. Ramin Fathi her personal daily skincare regimen.

How would you describe your skin type?

I have somewhat fair skin. I often tan, but can burn if exposed to strong enough sunlight. Overall, my skin isn’t too oily, but it can be somewhat sensitive. So I am very particular as to what I use on a daily basis as my skin can get irritated quickly if I put on the wrong stuff!

How would you describe your daily skincare regimen?

I consider my regimen a minimalist regimen. I don’t want to waste time doing it and don’t want to spend a ton on it either. Not all products are made the same though. I realize after years of practicing dermatology, not all sunscreens are the same, and a retinoid is also a crucial part of the routine. 

What is your morning routine?

I’ll start every morning by washing my face with a gentle cleanser. There are several brands, but I will use whatever is laying around as long it’s gentle. This is not the area I would spend my money on as I don’t believe you get more benefit from a $100 cleanser than the $10 cleanser you find at the pharmacy. I then apply an antioxidant cream as this will help fight off free radicals accumulated throughout the day. I will then follow that up with a broad-spectrum mineral based sunscreen. I’ll grab my coffee and make a quick breakfast and then I’m out the door. 

What is your nighttime routine?

At night, it is equally as important to wash your face. I use the same gentle cleanser I use in the morning. Afterwards, I’ll pat dry and then apply my retinoid. The retinoid is anti aging and helps fight fine lines, brown spots, and acne. This to me is a staple that should be in most people’s regimen.

What are your favorite skincare products?

I have been using the SkinBetter Science products lately. I use the Sheer Sunscreen stick every morning and for reapplications for my face and hands. As far as antioxidants and retinoids go, I use their Alto Defense Serum and AlphaRet Overnight cream. These are great products that work well with my sensitive skin. They don’t give me that feeling of greasiness or thickness.

If you can, what is your one skincare tip to live by?

Treat your skin like you would treat your teeth. If you don’t brush and floss, you’re like to have problems down the line. If you don’t protect from the sun and don’t do the little things now, like sunscreen and retinoids, you’re likely to not be happy with your skin several years down the road.

What other advice do you have to achieve and maintain healthy skin?

Regular exercise, good hydration, healthy diet, and sun avoidance go a long way for healthy skin.

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